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NATE Laundry is the sole distributor of Maytag and Speed Queen Commercial range in India


Our imported laundry systems with various washer and dryer models offer the ultimate in commercial laundry technology – plus more options and greater convenience than ever before.



Whether single- or multi-load, front- or top-load, our washers are engineered for longevity, delivering reliability and power turn after turn, year after year.From the performance of a larger washer and a super-capacity dryer in the floor space of one unit, to maximizing space and drying capabilities at the same time, we have stack laundry solutions to fit your needs.Our machines are reliable, efficient and profit-making control platforms. Our R&D team will continue to test more method to increase profit for our clients


Speed Queen

Quality describes us and our products. The reason Speed Queen washers and dryers can last 25 years in your home is because we take a mindful and deliberate approach to building the most reliable products on the market.With our roots in commercial laundry, we really understand and have a passion for laundry.That’s why you can trust Speed Queen equipment to quickly deliver professional quality results with every load.No more worries about weather or outside contamination.

Speed Queen

NATE COMMERCIAL LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT PVT LTD (NATE LAUNDRY) was established in 2013.NATE represents some of the world leaders in commercial laundry industry in India including Speed Queen and Maytag.


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